Taking the garbage out

Gewijzigd 7 februari 2023

They planned this long ago. Don't be fooled.

Short videos explaining A LOT. Covid-19 was a plandemic.
Read more about the Georgia Guide Stones and the U.N. Agenda 21!

The X-files

This is how they do it. They obey the rules of the game. They announce before they practice. The X-files told us before!

Walt Disney and the French PM Francois Mitterand advisor Jacques Attali told us before

Attali told us in the 80-s and Disney in the 30-s of the previous century


Video emerges where Fauci and other criminals for a “Universal m-RNA Flu Vaccine” which became the COVID-19 mRNA "vaccine” because people were not afraid enough of the Flu virus,
Article here.

C.W. Lewis, writer

Pierre Gilbert

1995: Pierre Gilbert spoke about
mandatory vaccines as a biowapen