Affiches die beklijven.

WEF forum how-life-could-change-2030 article by Ida Auken, EU Parliament member.

Original article is no longer available on the WEF website. But you can download the full story on PDF here.

You might have come along this Ida Auken article in your search for truth in these times of lies coming from governments all over the world.

This is the most brutal, stupid NWO Agenda 21/2030 propaganda i have ever red. The bicycle with the flowers almost made me puke.
I did some corrections to the text in a way i think what it really should say, or at least, what the original publisher,Ida Auken,EU Danish Parliament member, should have said:

This is how life could change by the year 2030

Author’s note: Some people will read this blog as sarcasm. It is not. I (re-)wrote this piece to warn the world population to where we are heading. Only to prevent for the worse. Ida Auken is aware of the New World Order roadmap of the United Nations (agenda 21/ 2030). She does not care about other opinions then her’s. She's part of the propaganda machine instigated by the UN. The objective is to deform the minds of the people in a way so that they can get used to a government wich tells you in every detail what you are allowed to do and what you should leave.

Beware! You are living in the year 2030!

Watch your steps in your city, or should i say: the governments city. All the world's governments did the great economical reset and took all of your property so you could pay for your “debts” after the great worldwide economical crises that took place a few years ago.
Already in the previous millenium they did preparations for that. All governments all over the world never informed citizens about their “great reset” plans and how they would work out for them. Now you own nothing, not even the cloths you are wearing!
They also took your appliances, those are reserved for the elite. You are a governments slave now so you are not allowed to own anything!

The government facilitates your transport because the government wants to know every move you make, each step you take. When permission is not granted you are stuck at your home, or should i say: on the spot you reside.
Governments facilities are only available for people who have a microchip inplanted. When the microchip is refused; no service or facilities are available for you, you will be like a nowdays bumm!
You don’t own anything and the government will own you! They even took the last essential necessity from you: freedom.

“Environmental problems are not away, but have only shifted..”

Internet of things took over our lives, because the government wants to know of every step you take. They facilitate your transportation if they allow you to do so. The by your government provided vehicle is operated over IP (internet). 5G takes care of the vehicle management. Drivers became unnecessary.
A build in nano-chip in a vaccine is used by the government to determ your recent location and to measure your health-status. The government now can remotely punish you when you made mistakes. They even sedate people remotely using 5G! Long ago, Klaus Schwab, wich was one of the prophets and now CEO of the state, already spoke about chip-implants for economical and admin purposes. Nuclear powerplants are providing the energy needed with all the risks part of that. Solarpanels and wind energy has proven inadequate. Airpolution was a horrific thing back then, yes, but shouldn’t we have been better of by reorganising society in a way travelling should not be necessairy anymore; work in the city where you live and just ban combustion engines? The matter of trafficjams is solved that way aswell. No need for giving up freedom and privacy…
Because the state owns my house, i have to permit strangers to enter the house i once owned. The air and drinkingwater is messed up by chemtrails, food became geneticly modified crap. Nature is restoring, yes, but inaccessable for slaves (all people but elite).
Cities became concentrationcamps. You are bound to stay in your district, in fact, you will never leave your district for the rest of your messed up life! Lives are worth nothing anymore and fear instigated by state made people unreliable. You are up to yourself.
Even your kids aren’t yours anymore. If the state wants to, your children will be used for abuse/ sacrifice matters, government became Luciferian, remember?
The state controlls the food distribution. If you don’t have the microchip inplanted, or you don’t agree with states policy? Then you will have NO FOOD!

The death of freedom of choice

The state decides if you are in need of something or not. Surely the algoritm does the job.
You will have no voice in what you need or not. The state will also provide what you don’t need, or any other unpleasant stuff you never even thought of. Unhappy surprises are possible like soldiers taking away your kids or your life without any justice.
In slavery we do not speak in terms of work, they just do what they are told. They operate like a machines. If not, you will die or be tortured.
Technology was first introduced as a fun thing or handy, but turned out dominating our lives, deployed by the state for controll matters.

“They live different kinds of lives outside the city”

That’s what ignorant people were told in World War 2 aswell. The self supplying communities and abandonned houses Ida Auken is talking about, are concentration camps or FEMA camps of death with horrors taking place there. The Luciferian government does not take no for an answer. The so called lifestyle deseases like AIDS, even climate change, and especially the refugee crises, they were all hoaxes deployed by the state to move the herd in a certain direction. Right now in 2030 we realize we should have done things differently but now we lost many valuable, good people to the satanic state. They are all dead now, killed by the government.
This is how life could change in the year 2030!

In Jesus we trust.

Influencing the parents and their children with the doctrine.