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Gewijzigd 28 januari 2024

Greta and U.N.agenda 21

And the false sense of urgency. More about the luciferian U.N. Agenda 21 here

The pushing of this agenda: Arnold Schwarzenegger dug up

How does an EV-battery ignite:

Clean energy? So where does the electricity come from then?

Electricity is generated by clean sources like wind mills and solar panels i quess? Those are NOT clean sources! Windmills kill whales; their navigation gets destorted. Insects and birds are also prey. Solar panels destroy the earth due to mining and the chemicals used at the production of these panels. Also take in consideration the short lifespan of 20 years max. But mainly, electricity is generated by coal-based power plants.

Video 1: And here's the sollution to that! This car runs on....WATER!
Video 2: Do NOT buy an electric vehicle! Here's why

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Electric cars will require twice the worlds supply of cobalt FOR UK ONLY!! Scientists warn of “huge implications for our natural resources” as government pushes for rapid adoption of electric cars!

PDF here

Video 1: EV: The production

It takes 500.000 lb material to make 1 single battery that can hold 1 barrel of oil energy. Needed: 100-300 barrels of oil for making this battery.
10-40 tons increase of CO2 production compared to a regular car. Increase up to 4000% of demand for Cobalt, Lithium etc.
NO, ev's are NOT eco-frendly!! Watch the first video.

Video 2: The mining costs lives of children

Electric vehicles are NOT sustainable. Especially not for the children. The work is life threathening and the working conditions damage the childrens health. The mining brings also severe damage to the world's nature.
Excelent video from Gravitas with Palki Sharma.

Video 3: Mining workers doing their job in extremely dangerous circumstances

In Congo mine workers are strugling to stay alive in extremely dangerous circumstances while euro politicians are using coke on live tv.

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False Sense of Urgency

EV's out of control

  • 12 busses caught fire in Utrecht, Netherlands.
    Imagine being a passenger.

  • Tens of EV-cars burned to ashes
    in the Netherlands, Etten Leur.PDF here

  • E-scooter sets house on fire
    in the Netherlands, Uden

  • Tesla out of control in China.

  • China puts thousends of ev's in a field to ROT

  • Down Under, EV's run on DIESEL.

Shipping company puts ban on E-cars due to firerisks

Wonder what other shipping companies are going to decide.

Norwegian shipping company puts a ban on ev's and hydrogen vehicles

Another ship on fire caused by e-cars:

PDF with pictures HERE

Nicola Tesla: "No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market"

Nowdays Tesla has little in common with the original Nicolas Tesla concept

Tesla and free energy? More about energy and the made-up energycrisis.

Go to Chemtrails in the Netherlands/ Belgium.

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