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Gewijzigd 28 oktober 2023

New Zealand mosk shooting was really a "lone man" shooting?

The video

Anyway, the video as censored by Bitchute visible here:
Rightclick to download this video.

More about "mind control" HERE, a book/ PDF from Fritz Springmeyer en Cisco Wheeler, researchers/ specialists on this field.

The original Max Igan video can be found here. (update: surveillance! When you want to watch you need to give personal credentials, don't be surprised you get into trouble later on the road. In Néw Zealand people can go to jail for 30 years for questioning the govt. narrative.)
You can watch that video anyway on this local server. The original Max Igan video can be found HERE too. Rightclick to save the video.

Censorship? Why?


Details of videofootage should be studied more. The governments narrative is questionable.

  • Surprise! Video censored by Bitchute
  • Me, promoting terrorism??
  • Asking questions and questioning everything is what i do.
    This was my reply to Bitchute:

  • Here's the lousy explanation i received from Bitchute.
    No reason for censoring was given.
  • Surprise again! The original was still online??
  • On the 2nd of februari a troll did a sorry debunk attempt:

Now we know where this censoring action came from! The troll reaction as shown in the image above was a reply to my question at the original publisher, Max Igan, to publish the original documentary made by himself.