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Gewijzigd 17 februari 2023

Censorship by Bitchute on the Christchurch shooting?

New Zealand mosk shooting was really a "lone man" shooting?


Details of videofootage should be studied more. The governments narrative is questionable.

Censorship? On Bitchute?

  • Surprise! Video censored by Bitchute
  • Me, promoting terrorism??
  • Asking questions and questioning everything is what i do.
    This was my reply to Bitchute:

  • Here's the lousy explanation i received from Bitchute.
    No reason for censoring was given.
  • Surprise again! The original was still online??
  • On the 2nd of februari a troll did a sorry debunk attempt:

Now we know where this censoring action came from! The troll reaction as shown in the image above was a reply to my question at the original publisher, Max Igan, to publish the original documentary made by himself.

Anyways, the video

Anyway, the video as censored by Bitchute visible here:

The original Max Igan video can be found here.
When censored, that video can be found HERE. Rightclick to save the video.