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Last changed: 9th of may 2023

Costless energy possible for everyone

Nicola Tesla: "No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market"

Wait a minute, what was that you were saying? ENERGY, for free? Oh yes. It used to be costless 2 centuries ago! Something with "advanced Tartarian technology"? Yep. And there was also this "mud flood" thing by then, some say...
Some of the strange components of that period of time are still visible on buildings nowdays. Think of antennas and copper lamps and such.
The streets looked something like this, just awesome if you'd ask me! New York round 1850-1900:

This kind of enlightening became impossible after consumers were obligated to pay for electricity. Imagine something like this in YOUR city! Gorgious!!

Left overs of that period of time are antennas and lamps and are often still visible in the streets nowdays. At least here in Breda, the Netherlands they are.
Ofcourse we are not allowed to remember those periods of time that energy was costless available because our governments cannot miss our taxmoney on energy! There are too many commercial and political interests. Imagine your Tesla being recharged overnight for FREE! Yep that is absolutely too good to be true nowdays because they cannot bill us when there's no meter inbetween!

The basics:

Electricity creation is easy, and a jung kid creates a free energy machine

  • Energy generated by magnetism PDF

More indepth video's about free to use energy

Electrical and mechanical free energy explained, Nickolas Tesla

An impressive list of patents by Nicola Tesla is can be downloaded here.

Builds of installations, Suzuki Swift converted to free energy

  • Contrary to the now days Tesla's
    this Suzuki Swift doesn't cost anything to drive at all!

Be inspired:

Beautifull example of the endlessness of free energy.


People go to jail when promoting their free energy inventions

PDF with links

John Christie

John Christie on the news, 7 years ago, with his free-energy device:

He feared for his life due to political and commercial interests. The interview is in the PDF below. On the internet there a lot of mocking going on by governments employees towards inventers of free-energy devices. Politicians need their tax dollars.
PDF inventer John Christie here.

The visuals

Wireless transmission of elecro-magnetic frequencies have always been there. Wifi is existing for nearly 150 years already!

Tart.aria.info about industrial expositions early 1900

According to tart.aria.info there might be more going on than meets the eye, also concerning producing energy on consumers level. It might be the case that the technology for that is taken away from the "regular Joe" due to commercial interests. The "Troll" like reactions (Anonym2018.11.29 17:34 ridiculing the topic starter on a trollish way) on this subject at tart.aria.info suggests that there might be some truth here. Many of the structures as shown on the website tart-arian.info that seem to contain that technology, and are still visible in the streets today. But nowdays without the technology for producing that free electricity ofcourse...

Lyon, France,
An enormous antenna now in use as a 4/5G tower.

More info: tart.aria.info
PDF tart.aria.info here

How interesting, nowdays Tesla using the very SAME technology BUT now we have to pay for it??

The original car designed by Nicolas Tesla 130 years ago, was powered by Wifi. Electricity was provided to the car wirelessly, by aetherial energy. Nowdays there's a meter inbetween. So you have to pay for your Tesla recharge. So, ofcourse a battery is needed now. But have a look at the picture above: just look at the pointed tower at the entrance: possibly free energy taken from the ether: etherial energy. Where have we seen that before?
As the video shows us the charging facility is on a remote location. Bringing a thick powercable to there is VERY expensive. But the electricity source as they are probably using there is free to use, so big money to be earned here!
This Tesla-EV-thing is a potential scam.

Read more here about E-cars not being such a good solution towards environmental issues. We've been fooled, i'm affraid.
It appears that the main reason for the roll out of the EV-car concept is QUICK MONEY!
Probably the wireless transmission of energy will return. As long as you are in accordance with your government. And the inflamable batteries in your EV will go too. Because they are dangerous. Cell phones can be recharged wirelessly so why not the cars? 5G is capable of doing that, considering the enormous thickness of the cables feeding these 5G antenna towers! It's all about control and money. Wrote something bad on Facebook the government did not like? No car is driving for you! The goal is to make people subscribe to wireless energy for their cars and such. Use your imagination and you'll figure it out! But you can build your own energy plant aswel you know! That's what they did approx. 150 years ago. HELL your gvt will NOT like that!!
More about the electrification-hype of cars and the damage that that does to the earth here

Left overs of energy-installations on rooftops in Breda, the Netherlands

  • Antenna
  • Heating system with antenna
  • Antenna
  • Lamp! The iron
    litted up
  • Antenna on top
    and the rounded form
    functioned as an amplifier!
  • Lamp
  • Copper lamp
  • Antenna
  • Lamp and antenna, fence-style
  • Copper plated chimney hooked up
    to a metal plate in the livingroom:
    electronic heating system. On top:
    A lamp and an antenna.
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Antenna on rooftop
  • Lamp+ antenna/heating system
  • A Lamp, absolutely
  • Antenna fence
  • Lamp+ antenna
  • Antenna
  • Antenna iron
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Lamp
  • Amplified antenna
  • Could have been a wifi
    electricity broadcasting point.
    Roof was an amplifier.
  • Antenna
  • On top antenna
    filled with mercury!
    Lamps beneath
  • Many lamps and antennas
  • Antenna looks like a fence
    With many lamps at the side
  • Huge antenna with
    Countless lamps
  • A lot of lamps and antessa's
  • Hidden Antenna
  • Antenna on top and lamps at the side
  • Long fence antenna
    on top of the roof
  • Antenna on top
  • Antenna
  • Antenna and lamps
  • Antenna with a lot of lamps
  • Long fence antenna
    on top of the roof
    with a lot of lamps
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Long fence antenna
    on top of the roof
  • Long fence antenna
    on top of the roof
  • Long fence antenna
    on top of the roof
  • On top antenna
    Lamps beneath
  • stylish antenna
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Antenna
  • Amplifier lost antenna
  • The bulbs could
    burn for free
    by using the
    facility nearby.