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The Great Reset

Debt forgiveness; who's about to forgive who??

U.S debt 27 trillion: the world elite speaks of “debt forgiveness”. Who's forgiving who?
Banks and politicians encouraged consumers to lend money from them to buy themselves houses and cars and starting bussinesses etc. The people were having confidence to commit themselves to these obligations. Now the same people who designed this corrupted system are speaking in terms of "forgiveness" ? Will they forgive the consumers who accepted loans, from bankers they trusted, to buy a house? Or is the financial elite about to forgive themselves by detonating the financial system. Yeah they are having their backs covered, i’m sure! They won’t feel a thing! But what will happen with the families who end up jobless because of this Reset? The government will stand surety for the mortgage wich is on that house. But what will the government ask from them in return? THEY WILL ask a price in return. But you’ll never hear them saying anything about that!
This is what the game is all about: Agenda 2030, a world government taking control of the entire worldpopulation, including their financial matters. After this reset many people will be enslaved by the worldgovernment this way. This world government is now getting in place as we speak. Freedom of choice will be seriously restricted after the reset.
By means, we cannot speak of forgiveness at all. The government asks a price in return and the world elite does not need to forgive themselves because this Great Reset won’t hurt them, they’re not bothered by anything what so ever; they’re having full power over us by then. They encouraged us to make debts and now we should be forgiven by the same assholes who caused this mess? They were irresponable to us and they will make us pay by stealing our freedom! That is what is about to happen if we do nothing against this. Sheeple!
They abused our confidence in them and now we have to pay for it. This is brutal!! The forgiving party could only be the people who got financial disadvantage done by corrupted bankers and opportunistic politicians.

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