Affiches die beklijven zonder te plakken

Yess the vaccine is there!! Now everything will turn to normal again!!

Come to your senses; all of this Corona stuff happening worldwide  is not about a virus, it's about (an upcomming world-)governments control.
These assholes are taking our freedom as we speak. They are prepairing our minds for a world wide organised dictatorship called New World Order.
Do NOT take the poisonous vaccine! Now the vaccine is not the solution, but ends up as a PART of the solution so isolation, tracing and placing in quarantine of persons can be continued.
More about criminal Tedros
here (Dutch)
here English

Original video: here as long as not censored and/ or deleted
They can maintain this lie as long as WE want them to... As long as we do nothing they will go on taking every bit of freedom we have left! WAKE UP!