Taking out the garbage

Gewijzigd october 19 2023

Chemtrails are destroying the water resources of this planet

All was planned way long ago. This is one of the evil purposes of chemtrailing. Wake up or you'll be thirsty!

Chemtrails are also used for gaining control of the weather so the weather can be used as a WEAPON! (Florida 2022)
The institutions who are doing this told us 30 years ago that they were busy controlling the weather by using chemtrails and radio-frequencies. Still everyone is in denial! It's happening! But now they are taking away the water. Certain buisinesspeople and politicians think people have no right for free water. So it should be privatised and no longer be for free.
The video below was banned by You Tube 5 years ago. Watch and learn.

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More about the new world order and U.N. Agenda 21 HERE.

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